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Segment 1

Macomb Michigan

ACE Driving School in Macomb, Michigan

Location : 21 Mile Road and Garfield


Northeast corner in the same shopping center as the 7-11 Store

2024 SEGMENT 1 CLASS SCHEDULE                         


  • 9M.....JULY 29, 2024 to AUGUST 15, 2024....4-6 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

  • 10M...AUGUST 5, 2024 to AUGUST 22, 2024.............................6-8 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

  • 11M...SEPTEMBER 9, 2024 to SEPTEMBER 26, 2024............4-6 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

  • ​12M...SEPTEMBER 30, 2024 to OCTOBER 20, 2024..............4-6 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

  • 13M...OCTOBER 28, 2024 to NOVEMBER 20, 2024..............4-6 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

  • 14M..NOVEMBER 25, 2024 to DECEMBER 18, 2024...........4-6 P.M. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)


ACE Driving School

Segment 1 Information

Teens, ages 14 years 8 months to the time the teen reaches 18 years of age, are required to complete a two segment driver education course. Teens must be at 14 years 8 months to begin a Segment 1 driver education course.


Segment 1 driver education course includes 24 hours of in-class instructions and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. In Segment 1, a teen must complete and pass the classroom instructions, the behind-the-wheel instructions; and must achieve at least 70% or higher on the written test, in order to be issued a Michigan Department of Education Segment 1 Certificate of Completion.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle with a Level 1 Certificate of Completion. You most go to the Secretary of State office and get a Level 1 License.  With a Level 1 License, the teen may drive with a licensed parent, legal guardian, or designated adult age 21 or older.

Classroom Instructions

You must get to and from the classes on your own. You will be given a 80-question State performance test at the end of Segment 1. You must achieve at least 70% (56 questions correct), to pass Segment 1. Should you fail the test, you will be given one opportunity to repeat the entire test.

Road Instructions

You will be picked up and dropped off at the classroom instruction location or a mutually agreed to location with your instructor. The time and date of your 6 lessons of behind-the-wheel instructions is scheduled between you and the instructor. Failure to keep an appointment without a 24-hour notification results in an additional charge $25.00 per missed lesson.


The cost of the course is $390.00. The parent of guardian agrees to make payment of $130.00 on or before the first day of class; $130.00 during the second week; and $130.00 during the third week of class. We accept cash, checks or money order, but there will be a $20.00 fee for any returned check.



To reserve a spot in the class of your choice, please complete the registration form and return it to us. Upon receipt of your form, you will be sent a confirmation.  

You can also click here to reserve a spot in a Segment 1 class.

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